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Next scheduled board meeting is
Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 7:30 PM

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The Lebanon County Conservation District was organized at the request of county citizens under the state's Conservation District Law to provide conservation of the soil, water, woodland and wildlife resources; to assist in watershed protection and flood prevention; to preserve the tax base; and to protect and promote the health and general welfare of the people of the county.

Lebanon County Commissioners declared a Conservation District on May 23, 1949, in accordance with the provisions of the "Conservation District Law" of 1945, Act 217 of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Under this law, the Lebanon County Conservation District may acquire real and personal property or the rights therein, and accept contributions with the consent and approval of the State Conservation Commission. Please contact the Lebanon County Conservation District to discuss any protocols related to a gift or donation. Learn more about conservation districts by viewing the slide show (at bottom of page).

The District

The Conservation District is an independent agency created by Lebanon County under Pennsylvania's Conservation District Law. It is not a state agency but is considered a subdivision of state government, administered by a Board of Directors, composed of at least four farm directors, no less than two public directors and one County Commissioner. It operates under supervision of the State Conservation Commission of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The Directors serve without pay and are chosen primarily for their interest in soil and water conservation.

The District recognizes and respects the position and policies of all federal, state, local agencies, organizations and individuals working in the county who have responsibilities or an interest in the field of soil and water conservation, land use planning and related types of work. Check out valuable links to energy conservation and recycling on our Energy Conservation page under Outreach!




Lebanon County Facts

Founded: February 16, 1813

Area: 362.9 square miles

County Seat: Lebanon

Population (2013): 135,486

People per square mile: 374

Number of Households (2010 census): 55,592

Average Annual Precipitation: 36 inches

Average Annual Temperature: 50 degrees

Number of Municipalities: 26